Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hive development !

If you read this website, you can realise how hive is an incredible tool specially if you configure your Metastore store to work with a RDBMS.

You can :
  • CREATE TABLE (on HDFS or on HBase)
  • LOAD DATA (from HDFS or locally)
  • SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE or BETWEEN UNION ALL ... (like a RDBMS !)
  • INSERT ... SELECT ...
  • use well know functions like DISTINCT, COUNT, SUM, AVG and of course GROUP BY operation !
  • you can [LEFT OUTER|RIGHT OUTER|FULL OUTER] JOIN multiple table !
  • use built-in functions
  • manipulate INT, BIGINT, FLOAT, BOOLEAN, DOUBLE, TIMESTAMP, STRING and complex types like structs, maps and arrays !
And look at multitable insert, streaming and stay tuned !