Sunday, February 8, 2015

Meta-development !

It has been more then five years I am working on BI / IT projects. There is a lot of things to cover :
  • Data [capture / quality / preparation / management / usage / monetization]
  • Security
  • Workload management, scheduling
  • Backups strategy
  • Optimisation, design pattern, good practices 
  • SLAs, service & access
  • Analytics
  • Migration
  • Team, role, organization, responsibilities
And technology is evolving very quickly (especially Hadoop). I have seen a lot of smart people effectively working to make it done.

(Yes for now you didn't learn anything), what I am wondering is why the technology we are using is not smarter.

I think we should be more meta-development oriented, our technology should be able to understand more data and propose patterns to work with it. I don't think we gain any value by rewriting / reconnecting data and system or by indicating the way to parse a date... The same for project, some task should be automatically created. Last but not the least, it should be the same for analytic, instead of writing some great SQL-like code, I am more looking for a kind of "Find correlation", "Identify trends", "Build multi-axis reporting on this dataset".

It is quite slippy and cold in Stockholm but have a good week-end ;-) !

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