Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jenkins, Maven, SVN and Hortonworks HDP2.3 sandbox !

If you are also an automation and Open Source fan and you are (or not) in the process to build Hadoop application, I strongly suggest to use (minimum) :
  • Continuous integration tool (Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI)
  • Build tool (Maven, Ant, Gradle)
  • Provisionning tool (Chef, Ansible, shell script, Puppet)
  • Versionning system (Git, SVN, CVS)
In order to improve overall quality project / to stop loosing time / to ease Hadoop migration and testing / to be more efficient (yes a lot of good reasons).

I have the pleasure to use SVNJenkins + Maven + few Shell script + HDP sandbox on my laptop and this is really awesome.

Thanks ;-)

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